Official Trailer to Fox’s ‘Wayward Pines’

Wayward-Pines_article_story_largeere is the official trailer to Fox’s 10-episode thriller, Wayward Pines, based on the best-selling novel “Pines” by Blake Crouch and brought to life by M.Night Shyamalan. The show stars Matt Dillon, Melissa Leo, Terrence Howard, Sarah Jefferey, Charlie Tahan.

Here is the synopsis:

Secret Service agent Ethan Burke arrives in the bucolic town of Wayward Pines, ID, on a mission to find two missing federal agents. But instead of answers, Ethan’s investigation only turns up more questions. What’s wrong with Wayward Pines? Each step closer to the truth takes Ethan further from the life he knew, from the husband and father he was, until he must face the terrifying reality that he may never get out of Wayward Pines alive.

For more information on the show, the cast and crew and schedule visit the official site. Below is the official, first look at the Wayward Pines. Let us know what you think pf the trailer by leaving comments below.



  1. Wasn’t this supposed to come out Spring 2014? Now supposedly it isn’t coming out until next year…

  2. Fan of the books here. As much as I want to watch this like RIGHT NOW, I rather they take their time to get everything right than to rush out something lame

    We might have a few seasons ahead if everything clicks!

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