Shyamalan On ‘Education Reform’ At Harvard

mnight460Shyamalan was recently invited at Harvard University to speak a little bit about his new book, I Got Schooled. If you still haven’t got the chance to read it, I highly recommend it. You can read our review of the book here. Shyamalan, on Harvard’s Askwith forum and on EdCast, speaks again in detail regarding the book, especially the idea behind the book translating the problems and also how those very problems can be resolved.

For Night, it certainly wasn’t an easy ride as it took him five years to do research and the amount of trips he took around the country to better understand the problem and also see which schools are performing better. Education as we all know is the key to success. Listen to Night below as he discusses what he learned over a 5-year journey in researching the sector for his book and the evolving role he is hoping to play in the broader national discussion on improving American education.