On TV Today: Mark Wahlberg on Late Show with David Letterman

This evening (June 10th) @ 11:30 ET/PT, Mark Wahlberg will make an appearance on CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman. Wahlberg will talk with the legendary late-night talk show host about his new film The Happening, in theaters this Friday!

Also, Fox Movie Channel will be airing re-runs of The Happening: Taking Fear to a New Level tonight at 7:30 ET & 10:34 ET. I would advise folks to record the program and watch it after you have seen the movie.


  1. haha, i'm so glad for living in sweden 'cause here “the happening” has premiere tomorrow (wednesday)!! :laughing:

  2. I half-watched the Taking Fear to a New Level program; I occasionally glanced at the screen while listening to my iPod…didn't want to risk it. I did record it, so I'll watch it after I see the movie, as suggested.

    (Oh, it kind of annoyed me how they pretended like The Village and LitW never existed.)

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