Shyamalan talks Avatar: The Last Airbender wth ComingSoon had the chance to interview Night as well (perhaps we’ll have a chance in two years, when The Last Airbender hits cinemas).  He spoke about The Last Airbender during their interview.  As a fan of Avatar, I’m very excited by the idea of Night directing this trilogy.

Here’s a bit of what he said:

“It was just the story. I just loved the story,” he told us. “I loved the characters in the story and I felt like I could be me inside this larger canvas of this very long-form movie. I think it inherently had kind of family issues and serious larger topics–at the center, genocide–all kinds of stuff. Cultural differences at the center. It has Buddhism, Hinduism, things I’m interested in. It does have martial arts in a way that’s not bang bang bang, but more about the person mastering yourself and the things that I love. I took martial arts for a long time. A ten-year-old at the center. That point of view felt good, like I could do my thing.”

When asked about the martial arts from the cartoon and how he planned on handling the action, he responded, “The great thing about it is it’s almost like they don’t ever really touch each other based in this world. They kind of do a form of manifesting something and then it comes at the other person and they manifest something. It’ll be great to do it as extensions of what the characters are feeling, and there’ll be much more CG.”