Production Update #3: 32 Days Done

Despite all the negative remarks from the regular folks to most of the critics and bloggers post ‘The Last Airbender’ release, Mr. Shyamalan as a writer/auteur remains confident. Few weeks back, he packed his gear along with his crew and flew to Costa Rica to shoot his next project After Earth, a film, which stars none other than one of the most famous and talented actors of our generation, Will Smith. We’ve been for the past months or so trying to keep up to date with all the latest news and images from the set of After Earth,  a way to show support and most importantly appreciate the work of this confident artist, whose past films has inspired us for years.

32 Days done. This short phrase was typed by him via Twitter, a milestone in my opinion at least for an artist, who has stayed confident all these months despite being stone-walled by negative words. Mr. Shyamalan on March 18th revealed that they wrapped Sophie Okonedo, who in the film plays a mother to Jaden and wife to Will. Any reports of images and stories from the set of the project has remained a bit down lately, in calm manner  That’s the style of the director. We published an article, which you can read below. It sheds some light on the crew’s movement; we reported that by the end of February 2012 the crew will move to Philadelphia and will keep rolling the cameras until April 2012. For the past week, Mr. Shyamalan  had an intense moments as he tweets, on the cockpit of a ship. And, states that “wait till you see the performances from Will and Jaden.” –  Yes, Mr. Shyamalan. We cannot wait to see the performances.  Shyamalan will shoot After Earth in Philadelphia until April as reported, and then he will head to Northern California.


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