Super and natural Shyamalan

M Night Shyamalan, the acclaimed Indian director and his love for treating the supernatural subject surfaced in his latest interview. He talked about his love of ‘the supernatural’, ‘India’ and his latest flick The Lady in the Water in an exclusive interview to Anirudh Bhattacharya of CNN-IBN.

Shyamalan is famous for treating supernatural subject interwoven in real situations and characters in his films.

On being asked as to why he was attracted so much to the supernatural subject he said that his affinity with the subject has more to do with his faith in religion.

“Its about can you believe in something if I convince you? An alien , a supernatural thing, something for which you have no evidence.” said Shyamalan.

Paul Giamatti plays an apartment building superintendent in the film who rescues a young woman from the pool. “The apartment building is supposed to be a little microcosm of the world,” said Shyamalan in his interview to CNN-IBN.

Giamatti who is in the lead role, becomes shocked when he discovers that the lady he rescued is actually a character from a bedtime story who is trying to make the journey back to her home. “These are the same bedtime stories I used to tell my kids,” said Shyamalan.

Shyamalan is famous for making cameo appearances in his movies. On being asked if he is superstitious about making these cameo appearance he laughed off.

“I like doing emotional part in my movies. I felt very connected with the role I play in Lady in the Water” said Shyamalan.

In his interview he said that he would love to do a film in India sometime.

“I was looking forward to do some part of my movie in India. I almost did the opening of Signs in India. Like it opens with an Indian family finding crop circles in the fields and later Mel Gibson finds similar circles in the field of Pennsylvania”

The movie Lady in the Water has Sarita Choudhry, an Indian actress who plays Shyamalan’s sister in the film.

Shyamalan is upbeat about having an Indian actress in his cast this time. “It was fun for me to have an Indian actress in the cast. Though the movie is truly international, it has some Spanish actors in it too.”

Source: IBNLive


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