Production Update #4: Night to take 3 week hiatus, and my short Q&A with Khalid Brooks

M.Night Shyamalan’s After Earth is still more than a year away and to keep ourselves occupied and our readers entertained, we’ve been focusing on the production of the film from the beginning. If you happened to be not cognizant of the whole process, I suggest you scroll down the front page of our site and read all the articles and see the images from the set of the ‘After Earth.’ The film is being shot in four different locations; they commenced with Costa Rica and then headed to Philadelphia, where they have been shooting for weeks now. On Thursday, April 12th, Mr. Shyamalan tweeted, “We are flying to California on Thursday,” and also stated, “Philly is wrapping on Wednesday.” Considering the day and date of his tweets, I am going to say that they are going to wrap Philadelphia this coming Wednesday and on Thursday they will commence their work on the film in Northern California (location unknown) to complete the main shoot. After the California shoot, Mr. Shyamalan is going to take a 3 week hiatus, and then resume shooting on June 6th from Utah.

And for the past week or so, I’ve been in touch with the passionate and hardworking Mr. Khalid Brooks via Twitter. You can follow Khalid here, and if you like to you can follow me on Twitter as well. Khalid was Jaden’s stand-in, who got the opportunity to work with M.Night Shyamalan for the first time, and since I am a huge fan of the man, I wanted to get Mr. Brooks’ opinion on working with Night. And, he was kind enough to answer some of my questions. It’s been a fun and short Q&A with him, which you can read below.

Rohan: I would love to get your opinion on working with M.Night Shyamalan and the experience you had working with him.

Khalid: Night is awesome to work with. He’s very warm and he makes working around him fun. I think the movie will turn out great.

Rohan: Cool. Is this your first time working with a well-known director? As a stand-in, did you have any lines?

Khalid: Yup! And, no, I didn’t have any lines, but I got to do scenes and rehearsals with the actors before Jaden.

Rohan: Nice! What’s your favorite film of M.Night Shyamalan?

Khalid: My favorite Night films is basically… all of them! I love how he directs his films, and it’s also great to watch him LIVE.

Rohan: Thanks a lot, Khalid for taking the time to answer my questions. We wish you great success in future.

Khalid is done working on After Earth now; we wish him a great success in future.  Khalid is not only an actor, he  is also a singer, dancer and writer as he loves the entertainment field.  We will continue to bring more updates, so  check back with us again.