RiffTrax releases The Happening and The Sixth Sense

The gang from RiffTrax has contacted us about a pair of new tracks that they’ve just released.  Here’s what they wrote, with a bit of commentary from myself (in red).

As the pre-eminent fan site (great word use, and correct) for director M. Night Shyamalan and his films, I thought your readership would be interested to hear about the release of RiffTrax for The Happening (should be worth it) and The Sixth Sense (edgy –but then, I won’t watch the RiffTrax for Lord of the Rings… that’s almost heresy, in my opinion).

RiffTrax is the internet continuation of the cult TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000. At the end of the show’s television run, Mike Nelson and his comedic cohort (Satellite of Love partners Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot) have reunited to “riff” (comedic commentary made during a film) the latest and greatest Hollywood blockbusters. This is accomplished through the release of DRM-free MP3 tracks (the RiffTrax) that synchronize with the playback of a given film to reproduce the MST3k experience. True to MST3k form, these riffs add hilarity and replayability to any film.

On each release’s page is a button that says “Free Sample” that can be used to play a clip from the riff synchronized with video from its respective film. Even someone who’s never head of Mystery Science Theater will quickly become a fan.

RiffTrax Presents: The Happening!

RiffTrax Presents: The Sixth Sense!

We hope that your readers will have as much fun viewing these RiffTrax as we’ve had making them.

I have to say, thanks for the complements, guys. These RiffTrax should help to sell some more Happening DVDs, and make it into a hit film!