M. Night Shyamalan Interview with Bloody-Disgusting.com Preview

Bloody-Disgusting.com sat down with M. Night Shyamalan recently to discuss his upcoming R-rated effort hitting theaters next Friday… Friday the 13th.

As the ads have made sure to inform you, this is the ‘first
R-rated film’ from the director. But HOW R-rated is it going to be? Night explaiins that it was always planned as an R-rated feature.

I didn’t even ask what would be involved with THE HAPPENING in order to bring down to PG-13, because I assumed we were WAY past the line.” However, don’t expect a nonstop bloodbath, because “It’s mainly for how shocking the images are that you see.

He also admits that doing a harder film was “disturbingly easy and fun” for him, and will be open to doing another R-rated film again (though not anytime soon – his next film, due in 2010, is a kid’s movie based on the AVATAR animated series).

My calling is definitely on the gruesome side,” he jokes. Watch for our full interview with Night next week, where he will discuss more on THE HAPPENING, the chances of UNBREAKABLE 2 (PLEASE!) and… STUART LITTLE?

Source: Bloody-Disgusting.com


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