Daniel Stamm to direct Twelve Strangers?

The Last Exorcism director Daniel Stamm might be directing the next movie in The Night Chronicles series, Twelve Strangers, according to HeyUGuys.

The site was at a roundtable interview session with Daniel Stamm, where he revealed some information that falls in line with the format for The Night Chronicles series, where M. Night Shyamalan produces and comes up with an original premise for other writers and directors to take and make the film from. Here’s what he had to say:

“My next project is a supernatural thriller and it’s not going to be shot in documentary style…One of my favorite filmmakers in the world, who’s a legend, is producing it…an idea of his that another writer is writing and I’m going to direct. It has a twist in the ending, without giving away who it is.”

We reported back in June that Buried screenwriter Chris Sparling had been hired to write Twelve Strangers. The story revolves around twelve jurors who are deliberating a case that involves supernatural elements. The first movie in The Night Chronicles series, Devil, opens on September 17.

M. Night Shyamalan’s name was brought up at the roundtable session, along with other filmmakers like Ridley Scott, Christopher Nolan and David Lynch, when the journalists were asked to guess which filmmaker he would be working with. While Daniel Stamm did say that one of those guesses was correct, he would not confirm which one it was.

We will keep you guys updated with more news regarding  TWELVE STRANGERS.  Twelve Strangers comes to theatres 2012.


  1. Interesting. I’m afraid I don’t really know Stamm or his work (anything with the term exorcism in the title is probably not going to interest me) but I’m curious to see how this plays out. 😀 Especially if he’s a Night Fan. 😀

  2. Well the Last Exorcism is number one at the box office, so I think Daniel Stamm is qualify to direct this movie if he is hire.

  3. he sat there with christopher nolan?? OMG! if HE was directing… wouldn’t that be freaking awesome? I haven’t seen stamm’s the last exorcism yet, but it sounds kinda cool…

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