The Happening: An In-Depth Analysis

Montages Magazine: International Edition has published an in-depth analysis of Night’s 2008 thriller, ‘The Happening.’ Written by Dag Sødtholt, the analysis dives deeper not just into what is on the surface of the film, but its subtext and even symbols. Although, some years have passed, Night still gets criticized for this particular piece of work. But, many, including the critics, have not fully tried, in my opinion, to give the film a chance in order to be understood.

‘The Happening’ has one of the best scores composed by the legendary James Newton Howard, but that’s not the only good thing about it. It dares to tackle indirectly many issues in our society, especially terrorism and also when it comes to when we, humans—members of the society, deal with fear. ‘The Happening’ is a thrill ride that makes you laugh and also terrifies you.

The analysis by Montages can be read here.