The Happening: Now on DVD and Blu-ray

The Happening was released today on DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

Here’s a list of the features on the Blu-ray Disc version:

Disc 1:

**Forced Trailers: Digital Copy Trailer, Untitled X Files Movie BD, Babylon AD BD, Street Kings BD, Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia BD
**Train Shooting
**The Hard Cut
**Forces Unseen
**”I Hear You Whispering”
**Gag Reel
**Deleted Scenes with Introductions by M. Night Shyamalan:

  • *Elliot and Alma Fight (Extended Version)
  • *Lion Attack (Extended Version)
  • *Music Recital
  • *Survivalist Porch (Extended Version)

**The Happening – Visions Of The Happening: A Making Of
**A Day For Night
**Elements Of A Scene

Disc 2: Digital Copy


  1. Bought the DVD today. The Blu-ray is in my Amazon cart waiting for the day I purchase a player. It's coming… I can feel it.


  2. Lol yes,….. but not in Europe it hasn't been. We have to wait until November 3rd DAMMIT.

    Although I am happy to see that the UK version will be the real version and not the censored version we had in the cinema. We didn't see the attack at san diego zoo, the hair pin in central park, being cut with broken glass or anything like that – about all we saw was the people hanging.

  3. I actually don't care for the Zoo part, it doesn't seem very realistic. The rest however is pretty crazy. Some of the bonus stuff on the DVD is even crazier.

  4. The thing is without any of those scenes I found the original idea behind the movie was lost… the kind of “I'm not going to see that am i *cringes* *BANG* it happens” thing.

    I still enjoyed the movie but there were many people in the UK that didn't. I guess they wanted it to be a 15 rated movie not an 18 so more people could watch it… but at least it'll be the proper version on DVD

  5. The more people that watch this film, the more that enjoy it…hmmmm…

    I keep showing “The Happening” to people who didn't see it in theatres and so far, everyone who's viewed the film, likes it!

    I don't know, maybe the actual release date should've been Halloween instead of the 13th?

    The tone of fall seems to have a better impact on the film, whereas a summer flick feel.

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