The Last Airbender DVD/Blu-ray to include cut scenes, but no Kyoshi Warriors

Looks like our hopes of seeing the Kyoshi Warriors put into the movie have just been dashed.  As well as hope for a “director’s cut.”  However, we weren’t asking for a director’s cut, were we?  We were asking for the Peter Jackson route of “Extended Edition.”  Both the theatrical and the extended editions of The Lord of the Rings are considered to be the “director’s cut.”  Therefore, if Night wants to, he could just create another longer cut (perhaps even using alternate takes here and there), that could stand apart from the original version.

MTV asked Night if we would see the deleted scenes later on, though, and here’s what he said:

“All my movies are the director’s cut, so that’s it,” he laughed. “You get to watch it in the movie theaters.”

Still, Shyamalan indicated that a few of the “Last Airbender” deleted scenes he described last week will likely find their way onto the home version of the film — with one exception.

“I do want to show some of the scenes I cut out,” he explained. “I probably won’t show the Kyoshi Warriors because I want to save them for the second movie, because I’m going to have to introduce them all over again.”

“There are a lot of scenes I took out that I want to show you,” he added.

While he wouldn’t go into too many specifics, Shyamalan hinted that some of the more comedic elements of the project should make the cut for the DVD’s bonus features, especially after he spent so much time cutting them out the film.

“Actually, some [scenes] that were a little too comic, they’re in the DVD,” he said.

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  1. I loved “The Last Airbender” and I’ve watched both versions this past weekend. I would definitely sit down with a tub of popcorn to watch an extended version.
    (No alternate endings or crap like that, please and thank you.)
    I’m hoping the mention of the Kyoshi warriors means that Book 2 is in the works and will be out next year (or sooner:)
    Anyone who didn’t like “The Last Airbender” was probably too busy comparing it to the cartoons instead of watching it as a separate movie.
    IT IS A MOVIE, people! And it ROCKED!!! 🙂

    Also…who cares about the ethnicity? Why are you so caught up with race? Did the acting suffice? Were the actors chosen, the best for the job at the time? Will they be there for Book 2 and Book 3? (I hope, I hope, I hope:)

    • THANK YOU!! Finally with the same opinion as me!! And i also think that people are basically pissed because the movie was not flooded with Asian actors so they did not have an open mind while watching the movie. but yea!

      As for the second movie…i am super excited! I cant wait for the kyoshi warriors and Toph!

      I have a feeling M night will include Hama in the third movie…if he doesn’t i will not be upset…but it would be awesome! I am also hoping to see parts from the epp “the Southern Raiders” it just shows how strong Katara really is…but again…if it does not appear i will not be upset!!

  2. I have to agree. I’ve seen the movie twice and will probably see it again. However -it did feel too rushed and lost some of the characterization -especially Katara -she lost most of her fire and spent too much time explaining things.
    If Shymalan gets to do the next two he needs to put a lot more time into developing the characters-and the movie needs to be longer. One and a half hours is not enough time to compress 20 episodes into a movie.

  3. M. Night needs to release a “director’s cut” though so that he can fix a few things. Director’s haven’t learned that they someties need to rework things. I know there’s money and obligations involved but when a director messes up or finds a lot of negative criticism from the fans he should take the opertunity to make adjustments. They also need to learn to get regular critics from other directorswhile they’re creating a movie. They’d create much better movies overall if they just learned to do that (all good painters, musicians, and writers do -so why not directors?)

  4. I hope the deleted scenes include king boomy from omashu. He’s a key character in the order of the white lotus, which becomes important in book 3 because the white lotus take back ba-sing-se

  5. I didn’t really enjoy the movie, they pronounced all the names funny and they lost what was essential to the show plus the actors didn’t even have proper martial art trainings!

  6. If he get a director’s cut with more material fine, I just hope it will be material worth watching.

  7. i still havent seen the movie and im a huge avatar fan….from what ive heard m.night picked the worng characters and sokka lost his sence of humor?????!! thats not sokka at all! meat and sarcasum..thats sokka;)

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