1. O MY FN GOD>>> THAT GAVE ME THE CHHHHHHHHILLLLLLLLLZ > amazing. amazing. amazing…amazing. amazing.

    lord in heaven.
    june 13th mutha f*****

  2. yeah… the acting in this clip aint so great. especially zooey. but i'm still excited.

  3. No way I'm not missing this. Night was talking about how the audience he was screening it for got really scared and tense, and I for one can believe it after watching the red band trailer! Scariest 30 seconds you will ever see!

  4. I like the clip and the idea behind this scene…but I'm not sure why Night says “I hope you don't get too scared”, there's nothing really scary in the scene.
    Also, the acting is kind of…off a little bit.
    I'm still ultra excited to see the movie (especially after seeing the red band teaser), but I hope the acting isn't like this through the whole movie.

  5. i don't get scared much anymore, but i think that this one might do it!

    i agree, there's something a little off…

    anyway's, i'm sure that this will be an awesome scary film!

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