Shyamalan’s Take on ‘The Happening’: What would be the last thing you say to your loved one?

Our favorite director was recently in Mumbai, India to receive an award for his contribution to cinema.  Here’s what M. Night had to say about The Happening:

“The emotional center of the movie is if you knew you were going to die – that was a fact – what would your conversation be like? What would be the last thing you would say to your loved one?”

Shyamalan went on to declare The Happening to be an extremely scary movie, and gave high praise for Mark Wahlberg’s performance.

Only five more weeks until opening night…

[USA Today]


  1. this movie better do well.
    im so pump….i took the day off work to spend all my money seeing it like 4 times.

  2. Hey guys Night was in Mumbai to receive the Padma Shri award. This is the highest civilian award in India and M Night has got it for his contribution to cinema. Now that's cool. Just can't wait for The Happening.

  3. Awesome little 'take' on the story. Very powerful, I wish it were coming out sooner in Australia! It's going to be so hard not to read about it!

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