You Could be an Extra in Shyamalan’s current film, Sundowning

M. Night ShyamalanM. Night Shyamalan is auctioning off a day on set and extra role for his current film, Sundowning, check out the link below for details! All proceeds benefit the M. Night Shyamalan Foundation!

The M. Night Shyamalan Foundation supports remarkable leaders, through their organizations, working to remove the barriers created by poverty and inequality, which prevent individuals and communities from unleashing their full potential.

They do this in the United States by closing the educational achievement gap focusing on MNSF’s five tenets.

They do this in developing countries by assuring that basic human needs are met and rights are protected, and ultimately providing increased access to educational opportunities.

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  1. Am an early childhood teacher a great fan since the beginning saw everything do something freaky about toddlers!

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