Shyamalan’s Microbudget film is titled ‘Sundowning’

Night’s been working on a small budget film between his larger budget films.  With word that he’ll likely be re-teaming with Bruce Willis for Labor of Love next, he’s taking the down-time to make a small movie.  I’m looking forward to this one as much as I am his film Labor of Love.  It feels like we’re getting the old Shyamalan formula again. The one that made him into a big name.

Plus, rumor has it that Denzel Washington may be joining Bruce Willis in Labor of Love. That hasn’t been confirmed, as details around this production are fairly scarce at the moment.

This story has been updated, as it originally was reported that Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis may be appearing in Sundowning, but having a movie in production, and another in pre-production (and both in secrecy), made it unclear as to which films were being referred to.

WhoSay - image from M. Night Shyamalan