Box-Office: ‘Glass’ Staying #1 for Second Weekend

Opening over $100M worldwide last week during holiday weekend, ‘Glass’ is set to bring in another $16M this weekend just domestically, meaning its overall earnings will be at $70M by the end of this Sunday. According to Box-Office experts there’s a 59% drop, though. But, overseas, the film is a smash hit, especially in the United Kingdom, according to the 3-days ago report by the Guardian.

Universal Pictures also has a better chance this weekend due to the lack of competition, helping ‘Glass’ stay #1 at the box-office. Also, thanks to the word-of-mouth among folks in person and as well as on social media.

The film opened to not-so-well reviews last week, most of them written unfairly, if you ask me, but still managed to be the box-office king. Now, that we’re entering its second weekend, we also must keep in mind the film is playing overseas, where films do much better than in the United States.

Buena Vista International handling distribution overseas, unfortunately, has no plans for the Chinese market. Though, Shyamalan is a brand, thanks to the fame, name and his way of delivering his films. ‘Glass’ or any of his other films, have and will attract people even if they know nothing much about it.

‘Glass’ is playing everywhere.