Bruce Willis says M. Night Shyamalan ‘Still Thinking’ About ‘Unbreakable 2’

Here we go again.  Every time someone from Unbreakable does a movie, they’re asked about the sequel.  I’d love to see a sequel, but it’s been 10 years.  I remember when the original came out, and everyone’s knee-jerk response was “what a weird and terrible movie” because it wasn’t The Sixth Sense 2.  Over time, the film found its audience, though, and now that audience wants a sequel.  Here’s the latest, from Bruce Willis:

“I talked to [Shyamalan] over the holidays, and he is still thinking about doing the fight movie between me and Sam that we were going to do,” Willis told MTV News.

“We chose to do the origin,” he explained, indicating that there was discussion early on about whether Willis’ character and the villain played by Samuel L. Jackson should square off in the first movie or a sequel.

“As long as Sam can make it, I’m up for it,” said Willis.

-via MTV


    • I’m ready for it as well. But yeah, I agree about that. If Airbender is successful, it would be about 7 more years. Unless Shyamalan ramps up the schedule. He could be shooting Unbreakable 2 by the end of the year, or even Airbender 2 and 3 simultaneously. Then again, Shyamalan is very careful with his films, which I love, so I would hate to have him rush anything.

  1. This would be the long a waited movie. I hope they do this because it would be awesome. I was just watching this Japaneses animation and I watched like 6 hours of it and then it ended. It kind of sucked because it need an ending. This is the same way I feel about unbreakable.


  2. I guess I’m one of the few who actually saw Unbreakable when it first came out and absolutely loved it! I remember going in to the theater expecting nothing (as there was no strong buzz and only lukewarm reviews). I promised a friend I’d go with her to see it. Then I heard that it wasn’t that good. Keeping tightlipped, I went in to that theater with no expectations and was completely astounded! I loved it! I couldn’t stop raving about it. And yet, I knew why it wasn’t getting its due. The movie was too unconventional, too smart, too deep and too slow. As David Dunn crawled out of that swimming pool with his ominous rain poncho draped over him, I knew that I was the only one in that theater who was GETTING IT. Not to sound arrogant, but with Unbreakable, either you got it or you didn’t. I just wish it had been transformed into a trilogy by now.

    • I was in the same boat, one of the few who actually got the movie. It’s one of the things that solidified my fandom and made me want to build this website.

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