Devil: One of the top horror films of 2010

This nice guy, Jeff Allard of shocktillyoudrop has listed his top 5 horror movies of 2010 and also his worst ones. You are welcome to check out his whole list of top and the worst, but what we at Mnightfans got more intrigued is that Devil is listed under his top 5 horror films of 2010. You can read below what he has to say about the film, Devil. An idea from the mind of you know who.

M. Night Shyamalan’s reputation as an Alfred Hitchcock or a Rod Serling for a new generation has been eroding for years, with films like The Village (2004) and The Happening (2008) getting derisive responses from audiences. Even though he didn’t direct Devil, just the sight of Shyamalan’s name as producer was enough for many audiences to boo the trailers for Devil, the first in a proposed anthology series dubbed The Night Chronicles. When Devil – directed by John Erick Dowdle (Quarantine, 2008) – was released this past September, though, the skepticism towards it was largely dispelled. Based on a story concept by Shyamalan (with a screenplay by Brian Nelson), Devil harkened back to classic Twilight Zone, showing a refreshing sense of narrative economy. Where Shyamalan’s films have long been accused of being overblown, Devil was modest in every regard. A pleasing slice of old-school supernatural hokum, Devil was a promising move in the right direction for Shyamalan. Perhaps when the trailer for the next installment of The Night Chronicles arrives, audiences won’t be so quick to jeer his name.

Give us your opinions about the Devil. What do you think about the first chapter in Night Chronicles and are you stoked about the upcoming thriller from The Night Chronicles?


  1. Devil was a step in the right direction as far as Night’s reputation goes. It was a better movie than Lady in the Water and The Happening…and definitely a better movie than The Last Airbender. Devil was dark…just as Night predicted it would be before the movie even entered production. Still, not a truly great movie, Devil is a very creative and interesting movie with a twist that even caught me off guard.

  2. Whoa this is good news for all M. Nightfans, I can’t wait for the second movie of the Night Chronicles.

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