Shyamalan: ‘One Thousand A.E. won’t be in 3-D

As you all know that M.Night Shyamalan’s movies are always shrouded in secrecy and getting him to divulge anything regarding his projects is near impossible. The folks at MTV news caught up with Shyamalan on the National Board Of Review Awards red carpet asking the director about his next project “One Thousand A.E.,” which is starring Jaden Smith.

Shyamalan was asked if he is making “One Thousand A.E. his next film, Night replied, “It’s starting to look like the Smith family and Shyamalan will be doing a movie together.” MTV also asked the director if Will, Jada and Willow will be starring, but Night laughed and stated, “you never know.” “Their dog maybe.” Shyamalan said that any Smith can work in his films if they want to.

And it is also rumored that Will and Jada are going to be the producers on the film. And as far as any roles are concerned on who is playing who and what, no one is sure yet as we stated before that Shyamalan keeps everything locked in the safe until it’s cooked up well.  Night also told MTV news  that “One Thousand A.E. is a sci-fi movie and it will NOT be in 3-D, but he said this that he does have idea for something kind of technically interesting though.


  1. Finally somtething new about Night !!! Even if it’S not that much… i can’t wait to see his next film !!! and i can’t wait to hear PARAMOUNT’S decision over TLA 2… I’ll never stop hoping for that sequel.

  2. ‘Finally’ is the right word. Shyamalan knows how to keep things really secret. I was hoping for a synopsis, but we have to wait for that for later. He’s also keeping his lips sealed about other possible actors and their roles.

    We are still looking for updates on “Reincarnate” the filming should be starting very soon.

    And speaking of TLA 2. I think Paramount will keep it locked for a while. Shyamalan was waiting for Paramount to announce TLA2 and Shyamalan did stated that if Paramount doesn’t announce TLA2, he will be working on his next project and here we are. One Thousand A.E. and I am excited.

  3. Uhmmmm… I read months ago that Night’s next movie should have to be a new original thriller. And now this….. So, no original thriller for the next one? 🙁

    • In the past few months that has changed. Now he’s going to direct an original film based on a script not written by himself. It’ll give him more time to recharge his batteries.

  4. Rohan – I know this is off topic, but EVERY time I go to post some news, you’ve got it posted. LOL! Man you’re fast. (Including the time we both posted the same story at the same time.)

  5. SPECTER – I remember that. 🙂 While I was posting this news, I had a separate browser open and kept refreshing the page to see if you are publishing this same article.

    I made that banner in like 9 minutes something…

  6. This is going to be vey exiting we will have to wait for TLA2 for awhile but lest look at the bright side. We will get a cool Sci-Fi film starting Jade Smith.

  7. @ JOHN.

    I know. And let’s see how Shyamalan will make Jaden to act. I want to see if the kid can act. His dad can, but what’s more interesting is to find out if Jaden can act in Shyamalan film.

    I was not impressed with THE KARATE KID.

    • The movie of the Karate Kid was alright but the only complain I have was the pacing of the movie was too long.

  8. @ Brandon,

    To be honest, I am glad it’s not in 3-D. Not that I have any doubts on Night’s abilities, but because Shyamalan’s films are less action and more suspense, drama and dialogue driven.

    Since Night said that that he has an idea for something technically interesting, I hope he is considering IMAX.

  9. The Last Airbender was a top fantasy film.

    Certain Elements of a market place, even if very vocal, are only part of a market place – they don’t own it or encompass the whole.

    Over 300 mill & counting for the first of a non household named trilogy out of the gate shows that’s so. There’s only so much money to be made out of making films for the same segment of the markets, i don’t understand why there’s such a recoil when other revenue markets ‘start’ to bring in big returns for films, especially franchises.

  10. There will be a sequel to TLA and if that turn out to be the box office, I am pretty sure there will be a reboot.

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