M.Night Shyamalan honored at The Pennsylvania Society


Earlier this year, the president of The Pennsylvania Society, James Nevels announced that Mr. Shyamalan is the 2012 recipient of the society’s Gold Medal for Distinguished Achievement. The Gold Medal is given every year to a prominent person in recognition of citizenship; leadership and contributions to the arts, education, science and industry.

Yesterday, Mrs. Pamela Dent, wife of Congressman, Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania informed us that they both along with their 12 year old son, Jack Dent were present at The Pennsylvania Society’s 114th annual dinner, which was held on Saturday, December 8th, 2012 at the Waldorf Astoria.

Jack Dent&Shyamalan

Congressman, Charlie Dent and his son, Jack Dent attended this prestigious event and honored, Mr. Shyamalan for his contributions to the state of Pennsylvania and they were kind enough to also share with us a picture (see above) of their son, Jack with Mr. Shyamalan at the event. We, at Mnightfans, are also thrilled to see that Mr. Shyamalan was honored with a Gold Medal for his contribution to  his State. We would like to thank Congressman, Charlie Dent, his wife, Pamela Dent and their son, Jack Dent, not only for sharing this great news with us, but honoring our favorite film-maker as well.

Shyamalan is a Philadelphia native and a resident of the area, was honored with the award for his achievements in writing, directing, producing and acting in American films often set in and around Philadelphia and for his philanthropy. Having written and directed a dozen films, Shyamalan’s most popular work was his 1999 film “The Sixth Sense,” featuring Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment, which was nominated for six Academy Awards.



  1. Finely some recognition for this man, in my opinion his films are very under appreciated. He is right up there with the grates like Spielberg in my book. What do you guys think?

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