Noah Ringer heeds Shyamalan’s call

“The Sixth Sense” director M. Night Shyamalan has a pretty good track record for launching child stars in his thrillers, but “The Last Airbender” (which bows next July) posed a special challenge since it was based on Nickelodeon’s popular “Avatar” cartoon.

“Typically I’ll find the actor and then mold the part to fit the child, but this was a pre-existing character, and I had to hope that this person existed,” Shyamalan tells Variety.

After conducting a yearlong worldwide search for a young martial artist to play Aang, the director came across a video from Dallas-based 12-year-old Noah Ringer, who’d heard about Paramount’s open audition call through his tae kwon do club.

Touting a first-degree black belt and a proficiency with various Eastern weapons, Ringer not only bore an uncanny resemblance to Aang (complete with shaved head) but also impressed Shyamalan with his sincere gentleness — a characteristic the director felt was essential to play a monk who brings balance to a warring world.

“Night wanted me to be natural,” says Ringer whose first stab at acting came when prepping for the audition. “He didn’t want me to be Aang; rather, he wanted Aang to be me.”

Noah Ringer


  1. Holy Canoli, I can see it now. The kid is made for this, just look at him, he’s even as goofy-looking as Aang. Best of luck to Noah and Mr. Shyamalan, I know they’ll do a good job. We’re counting on you!!!

  2. I luv avatar the last airbender me and my family r OBSESSED with the show! I hate how ppl r saying bad stuff about Noah he’s awsome! I loved the movie! I’m a big fan of avatar the last airbender and I’m even a fan of Noah Ringer. Good job Noah!

  3. he is a really good actor i have been watching ever since i was little
    email me please i would be so happy

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