[Updated] After Earth: Filming location in Northern California

Looks like for Mr. Shyamalan everything is going according to the plan. He is on top of the schedule and ardently occupied with the filming of After Earth. Last week, he finished filming in Philadelphia and the whole cast and crew packed their belongings to travel to California. The filming will commence this week from Weot, a remote location in the redwood forest. The town of Weott is located in the far Northern California  historically known for its surrounding majestic redwood forests. The town  is named for the Native American Wiyot Indians that have lived there for years and still command a dominating and fascinating percentage of the area.  After the filming in California Mr. Shyamalan is going to take a 3 week break and will start shooting in June from Utah for 6 days. According to Times-Standard the shoot will take place in some of the county’s old growth stands through from April 23 to  May 5.

The filming permits show that first and second unit crews will film during this time with at least three scenes being filmed by Shyamalan…Permits with the state park also offer an idea of the action that the forest will see over the next few weeks. It lists aerial stunts, minor pyrotechnics and a chase scene that includes actors swimming across the Eel River. The permits also say that Mattole Road may be closed for several minutes at a time during filming on certain days.

A number of major movies have been filmed on the North Coast, including “Return of the Jedi,” “Outbreak,” “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” and “The Majestic.”

And, in case those who are not aware of the plot, it is about a young man (Jaden Smith) and his estranged father (Will Smith) crash land their spaceship on Earth, one thousand years after it has been abandoned by mankind. The father, badly injured from the crash, is captured by a remaining Earth-dwelling colony, leaving his son to find and save him on a planet that is now a strange and dangerous place.  The film is co-produced by Smith, Shyamalan and distributed by Columbia Pictures.


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