The Last Airbender Ad During Super Bowl XLIV

According to Advertising Age, Paramount Pictures has purchased ad time during this year’s Super Bowl for The Last Airbender. Paramount also bought time for their other summer tent-pole film, Iron Man 2, as well as Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island. Last year’s Super Bowl pulled in an impressive 97 million viewers. That is a huge amount of exposure of Airbender if the ratings this year are the same. The commercial will likely only be between 30 and 35 seconds long, and will air sometime during the first or second quarter. Super Bowl XLIV will air February 7th on CBS.

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  1. Only 30-35 second? What are you talking about? The teaser was almost two minutes long, why would the full length trailer be less than half of that? I mean, I know for the sake of time and money, but I’d expect it to be at least one minute long, wouldn’t you?

    On a second note, considering shutter island and iron man II are both paramount movies, can we expect to see the The Last Airbender trailer attatched to them at the theater? Just wondering, it seems probable.

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