“The Village” gets Director’s Cut DVD: //April Fools Joke//


Touchstone Pictures announced recently that director M. Night Shyamalan plans on releasing a “Director’s Cut” edition of his 2004 thriller “The Village.” The DVD is planned for release by the end of this year. Shyamalan says he will start the re-editing process after the release of his next film entitled “Lady in the Water” (July 21, 2006).

The director claims he feels that his film was “unfairly received” and that his “voice and message” weren’t properly expressed. The film was a mild success taking in $114 million at the U.S. Box-office, but wasn’t a critical success earning mixed reviews from the nations top critics. Shyamalan and the original editor, Christopher Tellefson, will be restructuring the film using alternate takes and previously unreleased scenes. Apparently a different ending was filmed back in 2003, but after pressure from the studio and mixed test screenings, the ending was re-shot.

Night will also bring back the films music editor, Thomas S. Drescher, so that James Newton Howard’s Oscar nominated score will remain emotionally relevant to the new cut. Touchstone Pictures and producer Sam Mercer plan on an October release for the DVD.

Oh by the way –

Happy April Fools Day!

Thats right, this entire article is untrue. I’m sorry, I had to do it.


  1. You BASTARD! I was like what is this, I just bought my THE VILLAGE DVD and now a director's cut special edition is gonna come out. But the end of the message shocked me right away.

    That was a good one! You got Me Bro!


  2. :tongue:
    I'm glad someone read it. This site has been dead lately and I thought my prank was going to go unread. I'm sorry but I had to do it. I wasn't sure what type of story I was going to create, but I had planned on doing an April Fools Day prank for a couple days. I was going to write something about Lady in the Water, but I thought writing something about a Director's Cut DVD will grab everyone's attention.
    It's so like an M. Night story, you are so wrapped up in the story but the end is a total surprise! lol.

  3. I doubt that ShoWest footage from the movie will be posted any time soon. It's probably too full of spoilers, and we'll just have to wait for another trailer or the movie to come out for more.

  4. it's just that there was a news post that said the showest presentation would be posted on the site soon. Looks like they aint gonna do it. Just have to wait for the next trailer.

  5. What I don’t get is that I’ve actually seen a director’s cut of this movie. I really have…its either that or an uncut version. Has lots and lots of scenes not in the regular version…so tell me what I saw?

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