What’s the Status of the Night Chronicles: Reincarnate?

The Night Chronicles logoWhen Movies.com spoke with Night, they asked him about status of the Night Chronicles, and revealed something very interesting at the same time.

Movies.com: As a fan of Devil, are you guys doing any more Night Chronicles movies?

Shyamalan: Yeah, definitely! I had such a fun time. I just saw those guys, the Dowdle Brothers, in Paris where I was on a publicity tour and they were shooting a movie. It would be great. I have a couple other ideas. I’m almost done with the script for the second one, I’ve just been sidetracked by directing my own movies, but hopefully within this year we’ll get this one up and running and jump to the third one.

Movies.com: Does that one have a title yet?

Shyamalan: Well right now it’s called Reincarnate.

Movies.com: Is that the one Daniel Stamm was attached to?

Shyamalan: Yes! Daniel’s attached. He’s such a great director.

The interesting part of it?  “Well right now it’s called Reincarnate.”  I guess that means there could be a new name for it once it’s finished.

Reincarnate is centered on a jury that is deciding the fate of an accused murderer, while also being haunted by supernatural forces that hold the key to the case.  Screenwriter Chris Sparling and playwright / screenwriter Paul Grellong have each been working on the thriller.

The currently untitled third film in the Night Chronicles is somewhat based on an idea that Night had for the villain in Unbreakable 2.  I believe what happened was that he wanted to explore that character more than he would have done as a villain, and spun that character off into it’s own film.  That meant two things: a character meant for the Unbreakable universe likely won’t exist there, and Night has to come up with another idea for Unbreakable 2.  However, given that Samuel L. Jackson wants to do the sequel, the return of Mr. Glass could be on deck.  Night commented about this in an article from 2010: ‘Unbreakable 2′ repurposed for ‘Night Chronicles’


  1. Earlier reports told us that Reincarnate and Unbreakable are not related.
    The idea for the “Unbreakable 2” spin-off was set for Night Chronicle 3.

    I could be mistaken too.

    • See our post called “what’s the significance of the ending of Split?” for details.

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