AICN Reviews Unbreakable on Blu-ray Disc

UNBREAKABLE is my favorite M Night Shyamalan film. UNBREAKABLE is a comfort film…a movie that I love so much that when I watch it – I turn my computer off… I don’t answer the phone and I just get absorbed, completely by the film. It’s also a film that I am furious at the world not making it an enormous gigantic success. I want the original trilogy that M Night said this was the first part of. It is strange – watching UNBREAKABLE now that HEROES is on T.V. and oddly – this is the first time I’ve watched UNBREAKABLE on the other side of Kring’s HEROES.

UNBREAKABLE feels like a style guide to HEROES. And now that I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’ll never see the continuing story of David Dunn and Mr Glass. I’ve had so many dream conversations about the next step for these characters. And I still feel that the best thing that M. Night could do is to complete his trilogy – that UNBREAKABLE has become a film that is has grown in estimation exponentially in comparison to any of his other films on DVD. And on Blu Ray… wow…this film is astonishingly beautiful.

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  1. I read this earlier, and was really happy with it.

    I want a blu-ray player soo bad. I think once they release Signs or Sixth Sense I'm gonna have to splurge. :tongue:

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