After Earth: New Casting Calls and a confirmed filming location in Philly

Alright, some more interesting updates to share here. According to NBC Philadelphia, After Earth cast and crew is going to pack their belongings from Costa Rica later this month, for they will be filming in Greater Philadelphia next. The fans in Philadelphia keep an eye out there and report to us some pictures if you can. We are not sure how many locations are there in Philadelphia that they will be shooting, but one confirmed location is Budd Manufacturing Facility at 2450 W. Hunting Park Ave in North Philly.

And, Heery Casting just updated their information regarding two new casting calls. They are looking for a young actor who can pass for Jaden Smith at 3 and teens who can play cadets. Read on for more details:

Young actor needed

Heery Casting is looking for a young actor, age 3-4 years old, to play Jaden Smith at age 3. This role will shoot in the Philadelphia area during March, 2012. The film is being directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

Both SAG and non-union will be considered. Must be an African American boy, age 3-4, and MUST resemble actor Jaden Smith.

Please email: [email protected]

Please include in the body of the email: -Name -Age -Height -Weight – all clothing sizes -Phone numbers -2 photos: A close-up & A full body (jpg format) taken within the last 3 months NO HEAD SHOTS! -SAG status & SAG membership number (If applicable) Put “young Kitai” in the subject line.


Teens for “After Earth”

Heery Casting is looking for TEENS to portray military cadets to work as background on a feature film to be shot in the Philadelphia area.

This is for the new M. Night Shyamalan project. Shooting will begin at the end of February and run thru April 2012.

NEEDED: Teens of all ethnicities Ages 14-19 in EXCELLENT Physical Condition SAG and Non-Union

All roles are considered local hires and you must have your own transportation and housing in the Philadelphia area. Pay will be at the SAG background rates. Both SAG and non-union may apply.

If interested and available, email: [email protected]

Please include in the body of the email: -Name -Age -Height -Weight – all clothing sizes -Phone numbers -2 photos: A close-up & A full body (jpg format) taken within the last 3 months -SAG status & SAG membership number (If applicable)

Put “CADET” in the subject line.

If you are interested to be a part of this film, go ahead apply for either postition at [email protected]



  1. hi my name is becky i am 14 years old. it would be an honor to be in after earth. i have been acting since i was little, and i would want that to be my job! i am 5’1, and i weigh 140. i just wanted to know if their is any talking roles i could play, it dosent have to be a big role it could just be a line or two, because everyone in my school says i will never be an actress and i just want to prove them wrong for once! trust me i am a realy good actress i can play mean, nice, and i love to do action. this movie would fit me perfect. ok i would love to hear from you! please message me anytime! thank you.

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