Shyamalan to commence shooting in 6 days

Alright just like I stated few articles below that we here at will be paying close attention to the production of After Earth, so here comes the official date from Mr. Shyamalan himself via Twitter that he will start shooting the film on February 6th. We will be updating the site with production stills, news, and possible videos. I don’t think there will be any videos as you all know Shyamalan likes to keep things top secret, but you never know. If you come across interesting pictures and videos before us, please share them on the forums/ After Earth. The shooting starts from Costa Rica and then they will head back to the U.S. to take over Philadelphia, Utah, and Northern California.

It’s time to mark your calenders and begin counting days. After Earth hits theatres on June 7, 2013.



  1. It’s kind of old news but I noticed you didn’t make a blog about it. M.Night and Will Smith went to Costa Rica about July 25 last year with about 20 people, supposely for “location scouting”. For some reason, the news did not turn up state-side. :-/ He then flew back to New York for the”Make Your Mark” fundraiser event. FYI.

  2. Guys thanx for the update totally appreciate the work you do here. Really excited about AE.

    • Don2010,

      You are welcome, and thanks for visiting We are excited about AE as well. 🙂

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