Framed: Unbreakable

The folks from Cinematical runs a column every Thursday called “Framed” to celebrate the artistry of cinema — one frame at a time. Personally, I like the idea and I even love it now since they have “Unbreakable” on their list. Like every other website they commence their article discussing how M.Night Shyamalan was one of the brightest film directors and now he is going down. Hey, at least that’s their opinion and our opinion  differs from theirs for it is clearly showing where Shyamalan is heading with his career. Despite the brutality of the critics against “The Last Airbender” the film has earned over $300 million worldwide and ‘Devil’ doing great as well. And, not to forget, Shyamalan’s clash with Smiths for a new project called “One Thousand A.E.”.

Anyways, I can go on, yet at least they have better things to say about the beauty of Unbreakable. And, it’s nice how they have discussed carefully every frame. It’s worth the visit and to read.

Framed: Unbreakable


  1. Well it’s good that they said good things about the movie Unbreakable. But I believe that M.Night’s career in the filmmaking is evolving as he makes more bold moves. Hopefully people will notice that as time go by.

  2. I’m sure that his next project and beyond will be very well reviewed and people will love Shyamalan again 🙂

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