After a dull, colorless winter (like David’s life), GREEN reappears in the spring and has become a symbol of growth, abundance, and life (possibly representing David’s renewal of life).

Many times when we see David, his wife Audrey, or his son Joseph, they are wearing GREEN in some fashion.

David’s “day job” security clothes are mostly GREEN.

David wears a GREEN poncho as his “uniform.”

David drives a GREEN truck.

Joseph is wearing a GREEN striped shirt when watching the news report about the
train wreck.

At the hospital, Joseph is wearing a GREEN jacket

In the weight lifting scene, Joseph is wearing a GREEN sweater jacket.

In the breakfast scene where David reveals his superhero identity to his son, Joseph is wearing a GREEN tie-die shirt.

The Dunne’s kitchen, as well as most of the house, is entirely GREEN as well. Even the awnings above their front door are GREEN.


PURPLE represents royalty, power, and leadership. Elijah acted as David’s leader or mentor troughout their journey.

Every time we see Elijah Price or his mother they are wearing PURPLE. Whether it be in the lavish coats Elijah wears, his cane, or his mother’s dress at the end, PURPLE is always present in his scenes.

Even the gift box that contained Elijah’s first comic was wrapped in PURPLE wrapping paper.

In addition, comic book villains such as Lex Luthor, The Joker, Magneto, and many others often are depicted in PURPLE.

The female sports agent on the train who David was flirting with was wearing PURPLE.

In the scene where David and his wife Audrey are at the bar telling each other their favorite things, Audrey says that her favorite song is “Soft & Wet” by Prince. Is it a coincidence that Prince’s number one album was titled “PURPLE Rain”? PURPLE and RAIN were featured heavily in the scenes to follow (Yeah, I know it’s a stretch, but intriguing none the less).

GREEN and PURPLE are also somewhat opposite to each other on the color wheel. This adds to Elijah’s theory that he and David are on opposite ends of the “spectrum.”

Also, notice the tile in the rehabilitation room with Audrey and Elijah. It’s has two square patterns: GREEN/YELLOW and PURPLE/LIGHT BLUE – David’s colors and Elijah’s colors.


These colors seem to signify evil, hate, or anything bad – especially in the “visions” David has.

Of course, there is the ORANGE jumpsuit man who David fights (And no, David DOES NOT kill him. The man is still breathing as he is laying there, well after David puts the choke hold on him).

There is the man with the silver gun at the stadium who had on an ORANGE camouflage jacket.

David wore a YELLOW shirt when he was on the train, flirting with the female sports agent – something he shouldn’t have been doing.

The little girl on the train is wearing a YELLOW shirt. Possibly foreshadowing the train wreck.

When David meets his family in the hospital after the train wreck, his wife is wearing YELLOW as well. We watch as Joseph pulls their hands together. Then, as they continue walking, they let go of each others hands. Again, something that’s not right.

There is the man with the YELLOW flanel jacket who hits the lady in the head with the bottle.

Finally, there is the lady with the RED jacket who steals the jewelry.

* In the scene at the rehabilitation center where a woman tells Audrey that Elijah is there, notice the child directly behind Audrey. He is stacking GREEN and ORANGE cones on top of one another. Possibly a bit foreshadowing?

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