On November 6, 2000 Bruce Willis did an online chat over at to talk about Unbreakable. Here is one of the questions asked:

GreenHornet asks: So Mr. Willis do you have any other films in line with M. Night Shyamalan? (or you rather not say)

And Willis’ reply…

bruce_willis_live: Unbreakable is the first part of a trilogy of films.

bruce_willis_live: I can’t tell you about the others …

bruce_willis_live: But we’re supposed to do two more.

bruce_willis_live: you’ll understand how it lends itself to a continuing story.


From an article in the December 1, 2000 issue of Entertainment Weekly:

Meanwhile, Willis and Jackson are pushing for an Unbreakable sequel – maybe two. ‘It’s really built to be a trilogy,’ Willis believes. But Shyamalan is noncommittal; he’s busy noodling around with a couple of other original screenplay ideas. “I can’t tell you anything about them,” he chants, mantra like.”

Take that for it’s worth.


From an article in USA Today (Regarding the box office sucess of Unbreakable which will obviosly have an effect on the sequels):

Unbreakable has grossed nearly $67 million, according to estimates from ACNielsen EDI. Its daily take has been about half of what The Sixth Sense’s was, though analysts and studio executives say comparisons with that phenomenal hit (the 10th-highest-grossing film of all time, at $293.5 million) are unfair.

‘None of us expect that, every time Spielberg makes a movie, it will beat E.T.,’ says Chuck Viane, head of distribution for Disney’s Buena Vista Pictures.

Still, Disney, which is releasing Unbreakable under its Touchstone banner, has invited comparisons in its ads. ‘That opens the door to endless comparisons creatively and commercially,” says Gitesh Pandya, editor of But “Sixth Sense, like Titanic, performed in a rare way at the box office.’

Unbreakable is not a sequel to Sense, but they are similar, slow-moving dramas, Pandya says. ‘They both have a lot of scenes with Bruce Willis whispering and an ending that makes you think back on the movie and what makes sense and what doesn’t.’

But, unlike Sense, which managed to keep its twist ending well guarded, the surprise conclusion in Unbreakable has been leaking out.

And there’s another hurdle: ‘There are a lot of films for mature audiences coming in the next few weeks,” Pandya says. “Unbreakable could get hit by Proof of Life, Family Man, Cast Away, What Women Want.’ Still, many expect the film to reach $100 million by Christmas.”


From Total Film magazine:

Bruce Willis may still not be seeing dead people, but he is seeing sequels that don’t exist. Despite Willis’ internetty claim that his new movie, Unbreakable, is the first of a trilogy, writer-director M Night Shyamalan says the star is getting ahead of himself…

‘Whether there ever is another one is not really on my mind,’ The Sixth Sense helmer told Total Film. ‘I don’t have a story, I’m not thinking about it, and if I ever made one, it would be for the right reasons. Not for money, not to cash in, and certainly not because my next two films flopped or anything like that.’

But, for the time being, Unbreakable’s story of the changes surviving a trainwreck force on a man will remain a one-off collectors’ edition. ‘Unbreakable is about ‘Am I what people say I am? Am I something exceptional or a very ordinary person?’ Shyamalan said. ‘There’s a lot of me in the story, and if I find an emotional reason why these two characters could come alive again, I’ll do it.'”

Well that’s about the last thing I wanted to hear today.

REPORT # 5 (via) (May 30, 2013)

There’s been talk of an “Unbreakable” sequel for a long time.

Samuel L. Jackson seems to want to do it. I saw you two talking on Twitter.
It’s a harder one for me because — it’s getting closer, by the way.

I feel like I’ve heard that for the past 10 years. I want that to be true.
I want it to happen, too.


Please read “The Use of Color” under “Allusions & Symbolism” to better understand this….

Staying true to the color theory that ORANGE, YELLOW, and RED represent evil, hate, or anything bad, take into consideration a theory about the possible fate of one of the characters:

EVERY TIME we Joseph Dunne (David’s son), he is wearing mostly GREEN with either ORANGE, YELLOW, OR RED.

When is is watching the news report of the train wreck, he’s wearing a GREEN and ORANGE striped shirt.

When he meets David at the hospital, he’s wearing a GREEN jacket with YELLOW stripes on the sleeves.

During the wieghtlifting scene, he’s wearing a GREEN sweater jacket with a RED shirt underneath.

When he attempts to shoot David, he’s wearing and RED and ORANGE shirt.

And in the breakfast scene toward the end of the film, he’s wearing a GREEN shirt with an ORANGE stripe around the middle.

Add all of that to the fact that he’s drinking pure ORANGE juice during the breakfast scene and see what I’m getting at? Is it possible that Shyamalan could be planting the seeds that Joseph could eventually turn toward the dark side and go against his father?

We saw what could be hints of his eventual turn when Joseph told his dad, “I’m not like you,” or when he holds the gun in attempt to shoot his father. And notice that when Joseph is watching the train wreck report on TV, he sees it UPSIDE DOWN. Only one other character in the movie has a “scewed perspective on life,” and that’s Elijah. With a little help from old Mr. Glass, Joseph just might go bad. This could become a very plausible possibility.

Only time will tell…

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