Milla Jovovich wants to be part of Airbender 2

The beautiful and talented onscreen actress-model Milla Jovovich sits with the folks at A.V Club to discuss about the new installment in Resident Evil series where she also brought up a short conversation about M.Night Shyamalan’s controversial film “The Last Airbender”. She reveals her desires to be a part of THE LAST AIRBENDER 2.

AVC: And yet it’s almost a career risk for a woman to be an action star. There are only a handful who’ve carried franchises – Linda Hamilton, Sigourney Weaver, Angelina Jolie…

MJ: I never looked at it like that before. What made it real to me was that it was something I really loved. I love the training, learning the stunts, doing them. I love feeling that power – doing things you could never actually do in life – like flying and doing backflips in the air! Like, I came over on a plane yesterday, and one the two movies I chose to watch were The Karate Kid  and The Last Airbender, which I thought was awesome

AVC: The M. Night Shyamalan movie?

MJ: The action sequences were so good, and that little boy killed me. And I was all, like, in airbending mode the whole car ride home. I can’t help it. I love martial-arts movies. I grew up with my dad watching kung-fu theater every Sunday. So it was kind of my thing. I really want my agent to make sure they write a part in the next Airbender movie for me. I’ll be really upset if I don’t get to be a waterbender or something.

So far, The Last Airbender has earned an impressive earning from all the theatres around the earth and currently sits on $308.2 million, yet there are no words on a sequel being green-lit for production. We the fans of M.Night Shyamalan, of course, and personaly myself like the idea of seeing the talented Milla Jovovich to be in a M.Night Shyamalan film and we all would love to see her in The Last Airbender 2 as well as she is a capable action star. So, what you guys think of Milla’s comments and do you think M.Night would lock her in for The Last Airbender sequel if Paramount says the word “Yes” for the sequel?

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  1. All I can say is that she will be perfect as June, Kya, young Hama or whatever the role. Mr. M. Night please cast her for book 2. SHE IS TOTALLY HOT!

  2. I’m sure that the sequel is going to receive the green light, and watch Jovovich in there would be pretty awesome!

  3. Although i wouldn’t use Mill Jovovich as a martial arts Queen in The Last Airbender 2.

    I don’t know the anime, but having Milla as an etheric Earth spirit descendent like the blond girl in the first, but throwing in a bit of Chinese astrology i would make her a wood spirit of the earth tribe, & that could be their Yin that complements the Yang of Earth.

    She could be like the avatar in that she’s not fully in sync with her heritage because of something, and is held back from fully being at one with the earth tribe because of some mystery that is associated with The Last Airbender’s current incarnation.

    Would the above work with TLA2?
    Just from having seen the first film alone on that basis, i don’t think it would be out of sync.

    • You obviously gave this alot of thought.
      I’ve always liked Milla since “The Fifth Element”. Even enjoyed Ultraviolet. Sinful pleasure.
      Let’s hope the folks at Paramount give M. Night the green light.
      Who do you think should play Toph?
      How about Mila as one of Azula’s friends. Perhaps the acrobatic Ty-Li.

  4. Definately June or Hama. I’m kind of torn between the two though. They are both ‘badgirl’ roles which Milla is capable of portraying for obvious reasons. However, I don’t see June having a signifigant role in the story which might yield only a small part. Hama would still work despite the age difference. I have friends that I have known since I was a child and are very close friends (she doesn’t have to be as old as Gran-Gran). Then again… does anyone remember who one of Mr. Shyamalan’s favorite characters were in the series? 😉 Anyways, sign her up!

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