M. Night Fans – New Layout!

I’ve been getting e-mails from many of you about the new trailers for The Last Airbender that were released over the last week.  Sorry for the lack of updates.  I was actually working pretty hard on updating the website.  As you may have noticed, things have changed pretty considerably.  There’s not a menu at the top, with drop downs.  Each time an area has a submenu, there’s an added drop down menu called “Main” which features more information about the subject.  Getting the layout shifted around like this was step one, with the next step being the addition of new features and content throughout the site.  I’ve widened the site, giving me more room for more great M. Night Shyamalan stuff!

I’m very excited about the changes so far, as the pages should all load much quicker, too, with a smaller file size for each one.  Either way, I now have the room I need to add some of the features I’ve wanted to for some time now.  Keep your eyes pealed for more.

And if you haven’t been here before, feel free to take a look around, and contribute new content to the site!  This is the first time since the site opened that I’ve redesigned it from the ground up, because I’ve been waiting for the inspiration to strike me, as well as a design that was as simple to navigate.


    • Thanks! I’m still tweaking things, and making new graphics for it, but it’s getting there!

    • Thanks, dude! It’s definitely getting there. A website design is never finished. 🙂

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