M. Night on Twilight, Breaking Dawn?

Here’s something I never thought I’d be writing about.  Now, just to get things out of the way, I’ve never seen Twilight apart from a trailer or two, and never read a page from any of the books.  I only know about it because it’s a cultural phenomenon among women aged 13-50.  I just heard something that I thought I would comment on, regarding Shyamalan’s possible connection to the Twilight franchise.

Update (April 7): Is Bill Condon About To Sink Fangs Into ‘Twilight Saga’s’ Two Final Segments? (Whew, we may have just dodged a bullet.)

Thanks to MTV, we are forced to discuss this at all.

“I would’ve loved to be– I love the series, and Catherine [Hardwicke’s] movie, it was one of my favorite movies of that year,” he said. “Really, I thought tonally, it was a perfect movie. I called her up after I saw ‘Twilight’ and was like ‘That was amazing.’ So I’m a big fan.”

Not sure what he was saying “I would’ve loved to be” about, but it leads you to believe they’re talking about him being considered as a potential director for the fourth (and fifth?) Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn.

Having never seen Twilight, I could get a glimpse of the tone from the movie, and can see what Night likes about it.  It’s sort of reminiscent of some of his films, in tone.  Though none of his films features ridiculous love triangles with glittery “vampires” and wolf dog “were-wolves.”

That being said, if he did do Breaking Dawn, he’d being keeping extremely busy. Not only does he have 2 more Last Airbender films to create (here’s hoping for a box office smash for Night, so the second and third are greenlit as soon as possible), but a potential smaller, original film before Airbender 2.  And that doesn’t even include his producer role on the Night Chronicles.  Does he have time for Twilight?  No.  At least I hope not.  The last thing I want to do is report on an entire Twilight film (sorry, Twi-hards).

That would likely be a deal-breaker on this website.  While I haven’t liked everything that Night has done (The Happening, for instance), I could not bring myself to viewing a Night directed adaptation of a Twilight novel.   From what I understand, people feel that Night’s style would be perfect for a Twilight movie.  What do you think?

Would you actually see Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn if Night directed?

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  1. I never understood the love with Twilight, I saw it once in theatres and I was the oldest person there swore I was in a teeny bop concert. I always loved Vampire Lore but sorry Twilight is just a Vampire Chick flick nothing special at all. So I will lose all respect for M. Night if he falls for this genre of film. He needs to stick to his original ideas not some sappy saga.

  2. Maybe you should watch the first two movies before being that convinced that it would be no good. By not wanting to see them, you’re kind of recreating what some people do with shyamalan, that is not wanting to view any new film from him just because they think there is a twist at the end of every movie!

    • Perhaps I should have qualified myself further. My fiance has read the books, and I trust her opinion about the story. I don’t think I ever said that it would be no good, I just don’t think it’s my thing.

  3. I remember Mr. Shyamalan saying that the tone throughout the Godfather was just perfect… So is Night implying that the Twilight Saga and the Godfather are on the same level? (haven’t seen the godfather yet… :()

  4. I agree its not my thing either. I never been one for melodramatic plots then again not all women like chick flicks ( a typical belief among gender stereotypes) and I heard the Books were way better than the films anyway. I talked to a many people on the subject of the Twilight novels and pretty much heard from these people the novels are way better than the films. I am a fan of M.Night and I do not blame him if he wants to get into the teen craze or get in touch with his feminine, its good for him in terms of mucho profits seems now days the teen dramas and generic women plot films are doing well in cinema.

  5. When clicking on this article link I had hoped it would actually turn out to be an early April Fools joke. This is ridiculous. M. Night Shyamalan is way too talented to be attached to any of the Twilight crap. Having seen the first two films of the series I can say firmly that I thought they were terrible movie experiences.

  6. The Twilight books- amazing. The movies- total crap. But it was still nice to see something you liked so much represented on film. M. Night directing Breaking
    Dawn(s) might be the only hope for a really good movie made from these books.

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