takes you Behind the Scenes with the Cast of Lady in the Water

Go behind the scenes of Lady in the Water for a dip in a dangerous pool with M. Night Shyamalan and the rest of his fairy-tale cast.

Inspired by a bedtime story he concocted for his two small daughters, Night cast his ingenue in The Village,actress Bryce Dallas Howard, as his ethereal heroine and packed the rest of the ensemble cast with A-list character actors including Paul Giamatti (Cleveland Heap), Jeffrey Wright, Bill Irwin and Mary Beth Hurt.

The director also made a huge professional and personal change by leaving Disney, his longtime studio partner, after a publicfalling out about the direction of the film. He eventually landed at Warner Brothers, who agreed to let him make Lady as he wanted.

Giamatti, Howard and director Shyamalan spoke to Science Fiction Weekly at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City.

Night, you mentioned Lady is a very personal film for you. Why?

Shyamalan:It’s much more raw on a lot of levels. Things that might be sentimental, like the speech he makes in the mailroom and in the speechhe makes where he says, “Your face reminds me of God.” You can’t write those kinds of things in a summer blockbuster unless it is coming froma genuinely raw, genuine place. It is a very irrationally personalmovie to me. Someone once asked me what makes me tick and I said,”Danger. Absolute perilous danger.” Hopefully, over the course of timeyou.

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  1. Sounds like the same answers as the other interviews. You would think they would ask them different questions like, “What was it like working with so much CGI?” or “What was your favorite shot in the movie?” or even “What was your favorite aspect of your character?”. If there are questions like that, I must've forgot! :laughing:

  2. Mr.Shyamalan,
    I`m 9 years old. I saw the movie, “Signs” and would like to know how you got the idea for the movie? 🙂

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