Spencer Clark and Charlayne Woodard are Back!

As cameras are ready to roll in Philadelphia soon, Shyamalan and team are still busy gathering their actors to join the rest of the cast members like Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy and Sarah Paulson. We reported a few weeks back here and here as to who these actors will be playing in this upcoming comic-book thriller.

According to the THR, Charlayne Woodard and Spencer Treat Clark are going to be reprising their respective roles as well from Unbreakable. Woodard played Elijah Price’s mother and Clark was David Dunn’s son, who was 13 years old back in 2000.

Glass, written by Shyamalan himself is set for release on January 18, 2019, which he will direct and produce along with producers Jason Blum, Marc Bienstock and Ashwin Rajan.

Clark’s earlier work includes, Gladiator, The Last House on the Left, and was recently seen in Agents of SHIELD and Animal Kingdom. Woodard has appeared in People of Earth, The Leftovers and The Blacklist.