SPLIT: An In-Depth Analysis

Early this year we shared analysis on The Village and The Sixth Sense (here) written by Mr. Dag Sødtholt, a Norwegian film critic, revealing an attention to the detail and reverence for cinema, and work of Mr. Shyamalan. Mr. Sødtholt now is back with a three chapter analysis of Split. For every fan out there and aspiring writers and directors, these three fascinating chapters, too, dive in-depth, into the cinema of Shyamalan, peeling scene by scene and shot by shot, the world of Kevin Wendell Crumb, limned by James McAvoy. We have to warn you, for it contains heavy spoilers, though. We highly recommend viewing of the film prior to your study of these comprehensive chapters.

The articles are part of an analysis project about Mr. Shyamalan’s five films from 1999 to 2006. The first piece was penned at the time of the film’s release, proffering a general appreciation of the film. The second piece, the Fine Print of M.Night Shyamalan, comes in three parts: Isolation, the abduction and the third part, which examines animals, flowers, corridor shots and motifs. The third piece, in two parts, yet more detailed, focuses on Dr. Fletcher and the sessions with Kevin, including their final session conducted in Kevin’s basement. The second part of the piece deals with Unbreakable and the rest of Mr. Shyamalan’s work with similar themes.

Montages International Edition, established in 2009, also presents articles by Mr. Sødtholt on Mr. Shyamalan’s After Earth (here and here), Lady in the Water (here and here), and The Last Airbender (here and here).