The Night Chronicles’ ‘Reincarnate’ is still alive

It was a little while back right after the release of Devil, which was the first chapter in Mr. Shyamalan’s new production banner, The Night Chronicles that his take on the second chapter for the new banner was Reincarnate. According to The Night Chronicles’ official website the plot of the film goes something like this, “While deciding the fate of an accused murderer… the jury is haunted by supernatural forces that hold the key to the case.”

At that time it was announced that (Buried) scribe, Chris Sparling was penning a script for the idea along with playwright/screenwriter, Paul Grellong (The idea behind the projects for The Night Chronicles is that Mr. Shyamalan will be writing the idea and will have another writer or group of writers along with new directors to helm these films). And, film-maker Daniel Stamm (The Last Exorcism) was assigned to helm the project. But, throughout the year 2011 we didn’t hear anything regarding the project, for again according to TNC’s official site the production was supposed to commence during Fall 2011. Now the good news is that project is still alive and that is because Mr. Shyamalan recently on twitter  stated to a fan that “he is about to set up the second film called ‘Reincarnate.”

I enjoyed watching “Devil” and I am personally very intrigued with the idea of a production banner like The Night Chronicles, for we will still get to see films coming from the mind of Mr. Shyamalan and others helping him bringing the ideas live on the screen. Nothing else is yet announced and I am not sure if director Daniel Stamm is still attached to direct, I am still awaiting a response from ‘Media Rights Capital’ and Mr. Shyamalan himself. Whether Mr. Stamm is attached or not, we know what Mr. Shyamalan is doing and let’s hope we get to see Reincarnate sometime during 2012.



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