Pre-Production Update: ‘After Earth’ Northern California Location

We all know that Mr. Shyamalan likes to keep all the details of his new films in secret, but him joining the Twitter kind of brought us all close to him. He’s been sharing with fans some interesting things such as fun facts; favorite films; artists; painters; and even pre-production updates regarding his new film, After Earth starring Will Smith and son, Jaden Smith in the lead. We at are going to stay on top of all the production process. I believe everything is pretty much set and identified in their pre-production process,  for M.Night via twitter on January 3rd stated that cameras will commence rolling in 20 days.

Yesterday, he shared a picture of his production designer, Tom Sanders on location in Northern California  and him stating that Tom is standing in a redwood tree that has fallen and split. Exact location was not specified, but I think some of the shooting will take place in one of the forests here in Redwood City, Santa Cruz mountains or South of San Jose, because the famous tall redwood trees are in these mentioned locations of N. California and driving to work daily some of the trees are visible to me. Anyway, all the updates will be posted once we obtain them. After Earth releases on June 7, 2013.



  1. Interestes in extras for the upcoming Motion Movie “After Earth”, Thanks!

    • I’m very interested in being a part (extras) of such a tremendous project. Please send me more details, Thanks! and good luck with everything so far.

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