Will Smith Joins Jaden Smith For M. Night’s Next Film

Will Smith, M. Night, Jaden Smith

Will Smith, M. Night, Jaden Smith

Sony Pictures has announced that Will Smith will star alongside his son Jaden Smith in M. Night Shyamalan’s next film, the sci-fi project once known as One Thousand A.E. The project was first announced last year as being produced under Smith’s production company, but it seemed unlikely that the megastar would play a role in the film. That has changed. Set a thousand years after Earth has been abandoned, the film follows a young boy who has to navigate the now empty planet after his space ship crash lands with his father on board. According to the Deadline story it looks as though Shyamalan has also written a few drafts of the screenplay with Gary Whitta, who at first was the only writer on the project – or so we were told.

This is exciting news that hopefully speaks to the strength of the script and the potential of the film. Will Smith is one of the biggest movie stars on the planet and arguably the biggest star Shyamalan has worked with. Not since Signs has Shyamalan had such a blockbuster cast, although it unclear how large Will Smith’s role is exactly. Here’s to hoping that M. Night Shyamalan can save face with his return into the realm of sci-fi.


  1. This is soooooo exciting and can’t wait for the movie.
    I Sci-fi movie could be like the next Star Wars which returns to myth making and story arc. You can be sure of one thing. M. Night is going to protect this movie and make it the way he wants to. He is a good example of auteurism.

      • No Airbender wasn’t a hit. Not the hit it could have been. Most of the audiences and the critics hated it, and the money only came big at the start weekend. Night needs a real hit, it would be enough when even just the audience love it. Take Transformers, ciritcs hate it, but the audiences are screamign for it, and it makes money like few other movies. Night needs something like this.

        • The movie was a hit now you want to talk about flops lets take Mars Needs Moms.
          Now that movie sadly for Robert Zemeckis TANK BIG TIME. As punishment Disney Studio CLOSE DOWN ZEMECKIS’S DIGITAL STUDIO. The studio were he made movies like The Polar Express, Beowulf, and A Chritmas Carol. At least TLA movie have the BALLS TO MAKE MONEY DESPITE ALL THE HATE. I believe that irritated all the M. Night haters and racebenders as well. Now Mars Needs Moms is consider to be one of the big flops of all times.

          • it wasnt a hit, it only made a few dollars more than its budget. I didn’t say it was a flop, but definetily not a hit.

  2. TLA was a critical flop! It made money yes, but did it make us shyamalan fans happy?Sadly No! I thought it could of been better. But I am really excited about this new movie, something Night says is a scary sc-fi movie. Cant Wait!

  3. The Last Airbender film was appreciated by lots of people – including me, probably joining my list of greatest films that i like, certainly currently is & big rewatchability factor.

    So can only wish the next project well, even though different thing & probably end signal of what would have been a most great film trilogy.

    Sure this next thing will make other people happy& be a successful enterprise in it’s own way(as TLA was), but end up being an easier handle to get a grip of for the aims involved too.

  4. @John
    “Now that movie sadly for Robert Zemeckis TANK BIG TIME. As punishment Disney Studio CLOSE DOWN ZEMECKIS’S DIGITAL STUDIO”

    I read about the studio closing down way before Mars Needs Moms was released. Some time last year.

    They didn’t close the studio down because the movie didn’t do well. Mars Needs Moms was going to be the last movie BECAUSE the studio was ALREADY being closed down because previous films like The Christmas Carol (love!) didn’t make enough money to convince them that the studio was worth keeping around. Those movies are very expensive to make. Mars Needs Moms was something that was already being worked on and so would be the last film that studio ever did (sadly). Maybe if the film was extremely successful then the studio may have been saved but sadly it did not.

    So please, get your facts straight.

    • So what you mean Mr. Know it all is that Disney was going to shut it down Zemeckis’ studio anyway. Even if Mars Need Moms was a hit it will made no difference.

  5. @John

    I was just correcting you. Since the way you were saying it was wrong.
    No need to be rude by calling me Mr. Know It All, even though I’m female but you wouldn’t know that so that’s okay but the sarcasm wasn’t necessary.

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