Willis on Unbreakable, Sixth Sense

And of course “Live Free” proves he has nothing against sequels. In fact, he said he wouldn’t mind working with M. Night Shyamalan again for a sequel to “Unbreakable.”

“I do some on-line chats on sites like Ain’t It Cool News, and so many times I get asked about working with Night. When we did ‘Unbreakable,’ it was conceived as part of a trilogy. In the comic book world, the story we told was the origins story of my character, and how Sam Jackson’s character became Mr. Glass. Just as a film fan, I’d like to see Sam Jackson and I in a second film, battling it out,” he said.

Willis said he hasn’t broached the subject with Shyamalan, but was about to place a call to him, just to shoot the breeze.

“I think he’s terrific, and a rarity in Hollywood. He just sits at home and writes, doesn’t tell anybody about it, just turns it into a script, and tells great stories,” he said.

He still recalls being floored at his first read-through of “The Sixth Sense.”

“I said yes the next day. I remember turning from page 106 to 107 and saying, get the [heck] out of here. Are you kidding me? I read scripts all the time, and I didn’t see that coming.”

Scripts like that don’t come along every day, or even every 20 years. As a battled-hardened Hollywood veteran, Willis is thinking about posterity, about doing the kinds of movies that will stand the test of time. He talked about his admiration for John Wayne, about trying to find a project that would rank in his own career the way “The Searchers” ranks for Wayne.



  1. I wonder if Night would ever take a sequel to Unbreakable into consideration. I love Unbreakable, and even though he says he won't, something tells me that he might someday.

  2. Bruce has always had good things to say about Night, which is awesome. I'd love to see another Unbreakable flick. I'd almost go so far as to guess that Night WOULD do another one, except for the fact that he's now doing Avatar. Which will be an action packed series, he might be sick of big special effects by the time he finishes that and go back to smaller thriller films again.

  3. sweet article. i really like bruce willis. he's been doing a lot of really great movies recently, and as a person he seems like a nice guy. also, love that he's so into night! 🙂

  4. I don't think this is a good idea. If anybody can pull it off, it's probably Night, but I still don't see it working.

  5. I think that a combination of Night, Samuel and Bruce is always a good combo and a sequel to Unbreakable might just work. Besides these days Hollywood seems to be all about sequels, so i think it just might be a good idea.

  6. This would never fly…I can't see there being a sequel that would be any good. Besides, did it even do that well commercially?

  7. M. Night's fan base is growing fast, and Unbreakable has a cult following.All you have to do is take a look at the Unbreakable page on this site and you will see that plenty of people are obsessing over the sequel. There are tons of theories people have had about it and I know that all of his fans would love to see a sequel. However he has clearly stated that he doen't plan to do a sequel. He will be too busy with Avatar and Harry potter in the next few years if he even plans on doing those.

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