MTV presents ‘Unbreakable’ at NY Comic Con 2010

I thought we are the only ones obsessed with M.Night Shyamalan’s superhero thriller ‘Unbreakable’, but according to MTV’s Splash Page those  folks are showing off their love and obsession of ‘Unbreakable’ in a different, yet unique manner. It’s a good news for all the M.Night Shyamalan fans out there and thanks to MTV for it.

M.Night Shyamalan’s dark superhero tale first hit theatres in 2000. After MTV pestering M.Night Shyamalan about a potential sequel for years and recently discovering that we might actually see it, but just not Unbreakable 2. MTV is making their collective love for the film official with a special 10th Anniversary panel during New York Comic Con attended by M.Night Shyamalan himself.

MTV Presents ‘Unbreakable: Ten Years Later’ With M. Night Shyamalan” will be held Sunday, October 10, at 12:45 PM in the IGN Theater.  And check it out the awesome trailer for the film below.


  1. Awesome ! Damn if only i could go to New York just to meet him !!!!! I would tell him to not care about the stupid critics… and that his work is amazing ! OMG i want to have a deep conversation with him about the criticism around his career !!!

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