Freddy Rodriguez on Lady in the Water

Next up is M. Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water. Although trying to get people to talk about their roles in an M. Night movie is close to impossible, after a little coaxing Freddy opened up a little about his character Reggie. (SPOILERS)

Q: Shyamalans’ film…how’s that’s goin’?

Freddie Rodriguez: It’s great.

Q: Who do you play in that one? Can you talk?

Freddie Rodriguez: I play a guy named Reggie is all I can tell you.

Q: That’s it? (laughing)

Freddie Rodriguez: (getting a little hush hush) I play a guy…who as an experiment worksout one side of his body only so half of my body is 4 – inches bigger than the other side.

Q: How strange…

Freddie Rodriguez: Yeah very strange.

Q: Were there a lot of prosthetics on that?

Freddie Rodriguez: I don’t know – maybe it’s real maybe it’s not, you have to wait and see (smiling).



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