On TV This Week pt1: ‘The Happening – Taking Fear to a New Level’

The Happening: Taking Fear to a New Level is a half hour special behind-the-scenes look at writer-director M. Night Shyamalan’s newest thriller The Happening. It will be premiering on the FX Network this Monday night (June 9) at 11:00pm eastern, with re-runs playing throughout the week on the Fox Movie Channel.

Here is a full look at the schedule (all times are eastern):
Monday June 9th (on FX): 11:00pm
Tuesday June 10th (on FMC): 7:30pm  | 10:34pm
Wednesday June 11th (on FMC): 12:34am | 7:34pm | 11:45pm
Thursday June 12th (on FMC): 7:30pm | 10:30pm
Friday June 13th (on FMC): 1:30am | 7:30pm | 10:03pm

Double check your local listings.


  1. I'm recording it so if I can figure out a way to get it off of my DVR I'll put it up.

  2. This show was totally awesome…

    I love what Night said towards the end…. “I was thinking about pulling back a bit at the end, but then I said 'nah, it's rated R!”

    hahaha. excellent!

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