Video Interview with Shyamalan: The Dark Night @ IBNLive

IBNLive and Rajeev Masand recently sat down with writer-director M. Night Shyamalan to discuss his new film The Happening, amoungst other things. The interview on video is in 4 parts, but can also be read in text format. As a small warning to those of you who are refraining from seeing any footage from the film, there are snippets here and there – so be prepared.

[Watch Part 1] [Watch Part 2] [Watch Part 3] [Watch Part 4]


  1. Great interview, I love these sort of conversations which aren't held down by the traditional 'Hollywood interview' where all people want to talk about is the actors and the twists.
    Oh and if anyone is wondering, the only stuff shown from the Happening is from the trailer, so it's not really spoilery.

  2. it was a good interview. more press about the movie, less about nights lady in the water.

    i have the feeling that this movie will be so good, and shut the mouths of all the A holes.

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