After Earth: UTAH shooting location confirmed

I believe it’s almost time for Mr. Shyamalan and team to commence shooting in Utah now after a three week relaxing break, which gave Mr. Smith a chance to promote his Men In Black 3, and Shyamalan to hand over After Earth ‘Turnovers” to CGI vendors to get started, which is the individual shots. Per Shyamalan, the Utah shoot is going to be only for 6 days, and then he will call it wraps officially.

The fans in Utah should consider themselves fortunate, for the team is going to commence shooting any time soon in Moab, and they are looking for extras. Thanks to for the information. According to them, casting calls were held on Monday, May 21st actually between 9AM-3PM at Jeff Johnson’s office. 2150 South Main Street STE #102 SLC, UT 84105. I know we are late to report on this, but I thought to share it anyway. The article will be updated if we obtain new information. For detailed information regarding the casting call and extras character breakdown click here.



  1. According to Lincoln Lewis on twitter the shooting in Utah is done. They wrapped it up today.

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