Airbender shooting in Reading, PA began Thursday April 2

To paraphrase the iconic line from filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Sixth Sense”: “I see movie people.” The people whom the young Haley Joel Osment saw in Shyamalan’s breakthrough 1999 film were, of course, dead.

But the movie people are alive and well and plan to begin filming Shyamalan’s “The Last Airbender” in the Reading area beginning Thursday, weather permitting. Most of the work for the Paramount picture this week will take place at the Pagoda on Mount Penn, following the company’s return Monday after 15 days in Greenland.

Production designers and special-effects crews have been working for several weeks to prepare the local site for the film, which is set in a series of mythical nations – Air, Water, Earth and Fire – and is based on the Nickelodeon animated TV series of the same name.

Setting for The Last Airbender

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You can also see some set pictures at both Last Airbender Fans and You Bent My Wookie

Reader David Blaise wrote in with a video he shot for his clients, which is why it has a lot of references to the economy.  (Gotta love the self-promotion!)  He also slaughters M. Night’s last name (no flaming please!), which isn’t hard to do if you don’t say it as often as we do around here.  The part of the video you’re looking for is near the last minute and a half:

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