Comic-Con 2012: After Earth Panel

Summer 2013 is still kind of far away, we have to wait for almost a year to see After Earth in theatres, especially after hearing what Mr. Gary Whitta (Book of Eli) said in his own words at the film’s panel during the Comic-Con event this past weekend. The plot now sounds even more intriguing to me.  In the video below, Mr. Whitta, who penned the first draft after collaborating with Overbrook, Will Smith’s production company, briefly explains how he got in touch with Mr. Will Smith before even meeting Mr. Shyamalan. Mr. Smith presented Mr. Whitta the logline to the story that a father and son crash land on earth one thousand years after it’s been abandoned, and there is a story behind this idea that explains to us how Will Smith came up with the story in first place. Mr. Whitta goes a bit in detail; the video is short, but it still provides a bit more about the concept, and the story of planet earth and how it will behave against man if man decides to go back.

And the image attached to this article is After Earth concept art, something that I was personally looking forward to see. There is not much detail in it like the one they displayed at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo, but still quite fun to look at something fresh even though it’s simple.



  1. Whoa this is sooo cool. I wonder if M. Night will appear at NYC comic con to promote the movie?

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